Far back in the mists of time, so long that none remember exactly when, four young musicians each joined different cover bands. After decades of playing other peoples music (and dreaming of writing their own), the first two began to write together. Then the third joined and the writing continued to grow. Once the three had written enough they still needed the fourth to make it a unit. When he joined the magic became complete. Stand Up Audio was born!

Joe Pero: Guitar/Vocals

 An original New Hampshire native that has played in many

musical projects from coast to coast. An avid guitar amplifier

nerd Joe uses them to build very cool sonic landscapes 

in the current band Stand Up Audio. When not running and 

recording his own musical side projects you find Joe sitting

in with other local and national acts when they are in the area.

Catch Joe and the guys on stage somewhere soon and don't

forget to yell out "Yesssaaa" when you do! 

Lick Yall!

Joe Cadrette: Drums/Vocals

Joe always knew music would be his life. His journey in many projects over the years from cover and original bands one thing has been constant, writing and recording original music. With Stand Up Audio, he has found other like minded musician that have the same passion.

Ben Cooper: Vocals/Harp

Born in Portsmouth NH, Ben has been singing most of his life, from Rock & Roll cover bands to other styles of music and situations. He has been writing original material since sometime in the early 2000s.  His rock vocal influences include Robert Plant, Jim Morrison, Chris Cornell, Paul Rogers, Paul McCartney, Roger Daltry and Bon Scott to name just a few, but he has a sound all his own.  Ben is self taught on the harmonica and describes his playing as “honest and evolving”. The energy Ben brings to every performance is electric and infectious! As he stalks the stage Ben loves nothing more than performing for the audience and pulling them in for a wild ride through the twists and turns of each song!

Heath Auger (Babe): Bass/Vocals

"I remember the day at age 14, when I walked into Belisle music on Elm Street in Manchester and picked up a sunburst Memphis bass guitar (Fender P-bass copy) and started playing "Red Barchetta (RUSH)" by ear. From that day on, I knew I wanted to be a bass player. Since then he has been in many cover bands and can also play drums, guitar, and piano.

Approached by Joe Pero about "helping out" with an original project that he and two others were working on. He said "sure, why not", and later joined as a permanent member of Stand Up Audio.

"The best way to describe Stand Up Audio is like this; if Geddy Lee (RUSH), Angus Young (AC/DC), Paul Stanley (KISS), and Ian Paice (Deep Purple), got together and formed the ultimate rock band, you would get Stand Up Audio, a kick-ass, classic progressive rock band with a fresh, clean, crisp sound and songs deeply rooted in modern day Americana." says Heath (Babe).